Gustave Le Rouge - Le Prisonnier de la Planète Mars (1908)


(BEFORE 1800)





Gustave Le Rouge & Gustave Guitton - La Conspiration des Millionaires
Maurice Leblanc - Les Confidences d'Arsène Lupin

Gaston Leroux - Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune
American billionaire
William Boltyn uses American technology and the power of mediums to try to become master of the world. (Gustave Le Rouge & Gustave Guitton - La Conspiration des Milliardaires)

A new crime fighter appears on the French scene,
Docteur Mystère. (Paul d'Ivoi - Docteur Mystère)

Arsène Lupin is arrested at last. (Maurice Leblanc - Les Aventures d'Arsène Lupin)

Delightful scientist
Zephyrin Xirdal finds a way to cause a meteor made of gold to fall to Earth. (Jules Verne - La Chasse au Météore)

Sagas of the
Conquerors of the Sea and of the Sub-Marine Jules Verne. (Gustave Le Rouge & Gustave Guitton - Les Conquérants de la Mer, Le Sous-Marin Jules Verne)

Beginning of the adventures of investigative reporter Joseph Josephin, aka
Joseph Rouletabille. (Gaston Leroux - Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune)

A scientist unwittingly works on nefarious projects in a secret scientific city in the Sahara. (Jules Verne -
L'Étonnante Aventure de la Mission Barsac)

Robur the Conqueror returns. (Jules Verne - Maître du Monde) SEE ARTICLE

The adventures of the villainous
Face Stealer. (Gustave Le Rouge - Le Voleur de Visages)

Following on the footspeps of the
Lidenbrock expedition, French adventurers discover a race of peaceful, scientifically advanced bat-like humanoids living inside vast, underground caverns. (Commandant Gaston de Wailly - Le Monde de l'Abîme)

Gaston Leroux - Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir

Rouletabille investigates the Scent of the Lady in Black -- his mother, Mathilde Sangerson. (Gaston Leroux - Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir); He then travels to Russia to help the Tsar. (Rouletabille chez le Tsar)

Dr. Omega's Cosmos

Doctor Omega travels to Mars aboard the spaceship Cosmos. (Arnould Galopin - Le Docteur Oméga) SEE ARTICLE

Gaston Leroux - Rouletablle chez le Tsar

Another crime fighter appears on the French scene,
Miss Mousqueterr (Paul d'Ivoi - Miss Mousqueterr)

French aviators discover a race of peaceful, reptilian humanoids living in a secret valley at the North Pole. (Charles Derennes -
Le Peuple du Pôle)

Maurice Leblanc - L'Aiguille Creuse

Gustave Le Rouge - Le Prisonnier de la Planète Mars (alternate title)
Jean de La Hire - Le Nyctalope

Arsene Lupin fights Sherlock Holmes repeatedly, and is finally ousted from his secret lair of the Hollow Needle. (Maurice Leblanc - L'Aiguille Creuse)

Robert Darvel, a young American engineer, builds a spaceship and, with Hindu help, travels to Mars. A war of the world ensues, during which Earth is attacked by Martian vampires. (Gustave Le Rouge - Le Prisonnier de la Planète Mars - La Guerre des Vampires) SEE ARTICLE

Serge Myrandhal's adventures on Mars. (Henri Gayar - Les Aventures Merveilleuses de Serge Myrandhal sur la Planète Mars) SEE ARTICLE

Earthmen are abducted by Mercurian Flying Saucers. (Jean de La Hire -
La Roue Fulgurante) SEE ARTICLES

Maurice Renard - Le Dr. LerneThe mad
Docteur Lerne experiments with organ transplants, controlled mutations and mind transfers. (Maurice Renard - Le Docteur Lerne)

The adventures of
Monsieur Rien, an invisible man. (Louis Boussenard - Monsieur Rien)

The adventures of teenage Parisian detective,
Toto Fouinard. (Jules Lermina - Toto Fouinard, le Petit Détective Parisien)

First Appearance of
The Nyctalope. (Jean de La Hire - L'Homme Qui Peut Vivre dans l'Eau)

Young Dicky, "King of the Reporters", travels aboard super-powered dirigibles armed with nuclear grenades. (Louis Boussenard - Les Gratteurs de Ciel)

Professor Lionel-Prospero Macduff performs a heart transplant operation during a perilous mission to the Pole. (Pierre Giffard - Le Tombeau de Glace)

Mad scientist
Professor Bro creates a perfect android, Dajann-Phinn, then kills him. (Michel Corday - Le Mystérieux Dajann-Phinn)

First appareance of supervillain
Zigomar. (Léon Sazie - Zigomar)

First appearance of super-detective
Jean Flair. (José Moselli - Les Aventures Fantastiques d'un Jeune Policier)

The enigmatic
King Mystery rules the Paris Underworld. (Gaston Leroux - Le Roi Mystère)

First appearance of the super-powered crime fighter known as the
Sar Dubnotal. (Norbert Sevestre - Sar Dubnotal)

Mad scientist
Professor Tornada unleashes a plague of giant microbes on Paris. (André Couvreur - Une Invasion de Macrobes)

Fantômas is arrested and almost guillotined. (Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre - Fantômas)

The conspiracy of the
Queen of Sabbath is exposed. (Gaston Leroux - La Reine du Sabbat)

The two-year long extraordinary voyages of Little Parisian
Tintin begin. (R. M. de Nizerolles - Les Voyages aériens d'un Petit Parisien à Travers le Monde)

Balaoo the Man-Ape spreads terror. (Gaston Leroux - Balaoo)

First appearance of
Tenebras. (Arnould Galopin - Ténèbras le Bandit Fantôme)

A secret sect of immortals, founded by the
Count of Saint-Germain, who steals others' life-forces through electro-chemical means in order to preserve their own immortality, is exposed. (Claude Farrère - La Maison des Hommes Vivants)

Harry Dickson meets Sherlock Holmes.

The Nyctalope saves Mars from the conquering schemes of mad Dr. Oxus. (Jean de La Hire - Le Mystère des XV) SEE ARTICLE

Scientists communicate with Mars through a radio-telescope-like device. (Abbott Théophile Moreux -
Le Miroir Sombre) SEE ARTICLE

Arsène Lupin solves the secret of 813, then joins the Foreign Legion. (Maurice Leblanc - 813)

 Leon Sazie - Zigomar
Norbert Sevestre - Sar Dubnotal
Allain & Souvestre - Fantômas
Gaston Leroux - Balaoo

 Gustave Le Rouge - Le Mystérieux Dr. Cornelius
Gaston Leroux' Cheri-Bibi - 1937 Film Version
Allain & Souvestre - La Fin de Fantômas

First Appearance of Dr. Cornelius Kramm, the Sculptor of Human Flesh, and of his secret criminal organization, the Red Hand. (Gustave Le Rouge - Le Myterieux Dr Cornelius)

First investigation of
Maigret. (Simenon - La Première Enquête de Maigret)

A scientist succeeds in growing androids in a glass egg. This may well be the the world's first "androids", predating Karel Capek's
R.U.R. by nine years. (Jean de Quirielle - L'Oeuf de Verre)

"Close encounters" with invisible creatures from the upper strata of Earth's atmosphere, the "
Sarvants". (Maurice Renard - Le Péril Bleu) SEE ARTICLE

The adventures of the
Undersea Corsair. (Jean de La Hire - Le Corsaire Sous-Marin)

The first adventures of "
Red Mask". (Gaston René - Le Secret du Masque Rouge)

After being framed, the amazingly strong
Cheri-Bibi is sent to Devil's Island, but he manages to escape; Dr. Kanak grafts another man's face on Cheri-Bibi's, who hopes to start a new life. (Gaston Leroux - Cheri-Bibi)

Fantômas is believed to have died at sea. (Allain & Souvestre - La Fin de Fantômas)

Illusion Knight fights for justice. (Paul d'Ivoi - Le Chevalier Illusion)

French aviator
Fifi fights in Indochina. (Arnould Galopin - Les Nouvelles Aventures de Fifi)

Miramar, a villainous super-powered scientist with cat-like eyes, spreads terror. (Guillaume Livet - Miramar)

A portion of the light spectrum is temporarily destroyed by a mysterious alien force. The same event was chronicled in somewhat different terms by Arthur Conan Doyle in
The Poisoned Sky. (J. H. Rosny Aîné - La Force Mystérieuse) SEE ARTICLE

Arthur Bernède - Judex
1914-1918 (WORLD WAR I):
A new crime fighter appears on the scene -- the mysterious
Judex. (Arthur Bernede - Judex)

Rouletabille gets married, then goes on to spy for France at Krupp's. (Gaston Leroux - Le Chateau Noir; Rouletabille chez Krupp)

Arsene Lupin (using the alias of Don Luis Perenna) helps France by securing a gold treasure, then a radioactive "god-stone". In the meantime, he also helps pacify French Sahara. (Arsene Lupin - Le Triangle d'Or; L'Île aux Trente Cercueils)

The first investigations of
Gaston Max. (Sax Rohmer - Gaston Max)

The sub-mariner
Captain Hyx, and his submarine the Avenger, fight for France in prodigious undersea battles. (Gaston Leroux - Les Aventures Effroyables de Herbert de Renich) SEE ARTICLE

First cloning experiments -- the bipartition of a human being into two totally similar individuals. (J.H. Rosny Aîné -
L'Énigme de Givreuse)

Two French officers,
Morhange and Saint-Avit, lost in the Sahara, come across the last city of Atlantis, ruled by the cruel Queen Antinéa. (Pierre Benoit - L'Atlantide)

A French scientist exchanges images with superior, three-eyed aliens from Venus. (Maurice Leblanc -
Les Trois Yeux) SEE ARTICLE

The adventures of Invisible Man
Joe Rollon. (Jean de la Hire - Joe Rollon, l'Autre Homme Invisible)

A mad scientist succeds in grafting human hands on the famous pianist
Orlac -- but WHOSE hands? (Maurice Renard - Les Mains d'Orlac)

The Nyctalope defeats Glo von Warteck who was trying to impose his will on Earth using "Omega Rays" (Jean de La Hire - Lucifer)

An invisible mastermind named
Robur challenges the world; another gang of advanced criminals uses a special ray to turn their victims into metal. (Pierre Desclaux - Les Morts de Bronze, Le Maître du Monde)

First appearance of

First appearances of supervillain
Satanas and crime fighter Miraculas. (Gabriel Bernard - Satanas, Miraculas)

Last recorded adventure of
Rouletabille. (Gaston Leroux - Rouletabille chez les Bohémiens)

Mars attacks Earth again; but this time, our planet benefits from the help of the Jovians. (Théo Varlet & Octave Jonquel -
Les Titans du Ciel, L'Agonie de la Terre) SEE ARTICLE

Hareton Ironcastle discovers a fragment of an alien world, with its fauna and flora, attached to Earth. (J. H. Rosny Aîné - L'Étonnant Voyage d'Hareton Ironcastle)

The evil
Dr. Lorde discovers the soul, which he calls the "odic fluid," and transfers that of a murderer into another man. (Cyril-Berger - L'Expérience du Dr. Lorde)

 L'Atlantide - 1932 film
Maurce Renard - Les Mains d'Orlac
Gabriel Bernard - Satanas

Rosny's Ironcastle as rewritten by P.J. Farmer

France is under assault from a variety of master criminals, one using a powerful death ray, others dropping transparent corpses from the air, and another trying to modify the course of the Gulf Stream. (José Moselli -
Le Rayon Phi, La Corde d'Acier, Les Conquérants de l'Abîme)

 Gustale Le Rouge - Todd Marvel
Gaston Leroux's La Popupee Sanglante (Art by Druillet)
J.H. Rosny Aine's Les Navigateurs de l'Infini (Art by Forest)
Marcel Allain - Fantômas
Arthur Bernede - Belphegor - TV adaptation

The adventures of
Todd Marvel, the billionaire detective. (Gustave Le Rouge - Todd Marvel)

The brain of
Benedict Masson, a man framed for murder and guillotined, is transplanted into the body of an android. The android then exposes and defeats a vampire cult, led by the Marquis de Coulteray. (Gaston Leroux - La Poupée Sanglante)

The Nyctalope flies to Rhea, an unknown satellite of Earth, using a spacecraft patented by Dr. Cavor. (Jean de La Hire - Le Roi de la Nuit) SEE ARTICLES

In an attempt to restore peaceful relations between Earth and Mars, a human crew, the
Navigators of Infinity, travels to the Red Planet in the Stellarium; the first interplanetary romance ensues. (J. H. Rosny Aîné - Les Navigateurs de l'Infini) SEE ARTICLES

Fantomas returns. (Marcel Allain - Fantômas est-il ressuscité?)

Mysterious criminal
Belphegor haunts the Louvre. (Arthur Bernede - Belphegor

The Nyctalope begins his two-tear battle against the evil Leonid Zattan. (Jean de La Hire - L'Amazone du Mont Everest, L'Antéchrist)

Two French kids embark on a series of fantastic, globe-spanning adventures. (Arnould Galopin -
Le Tour du monde de Deux Gosses)

The descendent of an Aztec king compels a misguided scientist to create a new form of coral to divert the Gulf Stream. (Georges G. Toudouze -
Les Aventuriers de la Science)

Creation of artificial lifeforms through the process of "radiogenesis," a sort of human electrocopying process. (Maurice Renard & Albert Jean -
Le Singe)

Harry Dickson begins his career in London.

Last recorded adventure of
Arsene Lupin: At age 55, Lupin fights the Maffia. (Maurice Leblanc - Les Milliards d'Arsene Lupin)

The adventures of famous boy-scout
Franc Hardy. (Jean de La Hire - Les Grandes Aventures d'un Boy Scout)

The gang of the
Mohicans of Babel strike fear in the hearts of Parisians. (Gaston Leroux - Les Mohicans de Babel)

A 15-year old aviator travels the world. (Arnould Galopin -
Un Aviateur de 15 Ans)

The exploits of master criminal
Mister Flow, the Man of a Thousand Faces, puzzle French police. (Gaston Leroux - Mister Flow)

The adventures of boy scout crime fighter
Paul Ardent. (Jean de La Hire - Les Aventures de Paul Ardent)

The adventures of three three young airmen at the South Pole. (Norbert Sévestre -
Trois Jeunes Aéronautes au Pôle Sud).

Last appearance of the
Frankenstein Creature, as recorded by Jean-Claude Carrière. (La Cave de Frankenstein)

First appearance of
Tigris. (Marcel Allain - Tigris)

The incredible adventures of a teenage
Parisian Apprentice around the world in a hydroplane. (Arnould Galopin - Aventures d'un Apprenti Parisien)

Francis Hardant, a relative of superpowered crime fighter Paul Ardent and space explorer Michel Ardan, defeats the mysterious Natas in the City of Gold and Leprosy. He later marries Louise Descharmes, a relative of the notorious Ducharme. (Guy d'Armen - La Cité de l'Or et de la Lèpre)

France is attacked by giant insects. (Norbert Sévestre -
La Révolte des Monstres)

A man submits himself to a shrinking process that eventually runs out of control, and ends up in a microuniverse. (Maurice Renard -
Un Homme chez les Microbes: Scherzo)

First appearance of the famous detective
Jules Maigret. (George Simenon - Pietr le Letton)

Marcel Allain - Tigris (Art by Gourdon)
Simenon's Maigret

Harry Dickson is already a famous detective in Baker Street. (Jean Ray - Harry Dickson).

The offspring of a woman inseminated with tiger's sperm becomes known as --
Félifax. (Paul Féval Fils & Henri Allorge - Felifax)

A cosmic cataclysm threatens to destroy Earth. (René Pujol -
Le Soleil Noir) SEE ARTICLE

Fédor Ivanovitch Sarraskine uses his mad science to attack the British and American fleets; he also surgically turns his victims into unwilling fish-men. (José Moselli - La Guerre des Océans)

Maurice Leblanc - Les Milliards d'Arsene Lupin
Marcel Allain - Fatala
Jean de La Hire - Le Nyctalope
Jacques Dacqmine as Frederic Belot  (TV adaptation)
Gilles Segal as Prosper Lepicq (TV Adaptation)
de Nizerolles - Les Aventuriers du Ciel

First appearance of
Fatala. (Marcel Allain - Fatala)

First appearance of
Miss Téria. (Marcel Allain - Miss Teria)

First appearance of
Monsieur Wens. (Stanislas-Andre Steeman - Six Hommes Morts)

Prof. Iouchkoff, a Russian mad scientist, creates a formidable flying machine called the "Menace." (Hervé de Peslouan - L'Étrange Menace du Prof. Iouchkoff)

The Unreachable Shadow,
Karma, Lord of the Tulpakhangs, the so-called city of the ice ghosts, threatens the West. (Mettra & Nube - L'Ombre Inaccessible)

A super-powered hero -- a living radio -- defeats a German super-villain who was plotting to kick the French out of Vietnam. (Maurice Landay -
L'Antenne Mystérieuse)

The Nyctalope battles Gorillard in Tibet. (Jean de La Hire - Gorillard)

First appearance of
Frederic Belot. (Claude Aveline - La Double Mort de Frédéric Belot)

First appearance of
Vampiria. (Arthur Bernède - Vampiria)

Mad scientist
Ambrose Vollmer turns a Pacific atoll into a nightmarish Doctor Moreau-like kingdom of radio-controlled zombies and human experiments. (Jose Moselli - L'Empereur du Pacifique)

Mad scientist
Colquorès uses a red diamond star which emits the mysterious "Rays 55" to alter the very shape of Earth and turn Paris into a jungle. (Eugène Thébault - Le Soleil Ensorcelé)

First appearance of Police Commissioner
Gilles. (Jacques Decrest - Hasard)

First appearance of the adventurer known as the "
Chinese Fish". (Jean Bommart - Le Poisson Chinois)

First appearance of lawyer
Prosper Lepicq. (Pierre Very - L'Assassinat du Père Noël)

First appearance of supernatural investigator
Rene Vergnaud. (Gilles Hersay - Le Chant des Suicidés)

A mad scientist leads an invasion of termites to destroy Paris and almost conquer the world. (Charles de Richter -
La Menace Invisible)

Tintin returns (see 1910) and uses the hydrogen-powered spaceship "Bolide" to embark on a three-year-long exploration of the solar system. (René-Marcel de Nizerolles - Les Aventuriers du Ciel: Voyages Extraordinaires d'un Petit Parisien dans la Stratosphère, la Lune et les Planètes) SEE ARTICLE

First appearance of private eye and later supernatural detective
Teddy Verano. (Maurice Limat)

In August,
Christian d'Ancourt meets Prince Eric of Swedenborg. End of the d'Ancourt Curse. (Serge Dalens - Le Bracelet de Vermeil). Later, Christian saves Eric from a coup by Regent Count Tadek. (Serge Dalens - Le Prince Eric)

Eric of Swedenborg
thwarts Count Tadek again. (Serge Dalens - La Tâche de Vin)

Mad millionnaire
Wasili Tchorok uses the knowledge of scientist Antoine Chantour to build a giant floating city in a geostationary orbit. (José Moselli - L'Île des Hommes Bleus)


Death of Eric of Swedenborg. Christian d'Ancourt joins the French Resistance. (Serge Dalens - La Mort d'Eric)

First appearance of private eye
Nestor Burma. (Leo Malet - 120 Rue de la Gare)

The Mysterious
Fen-Chu spreads terror. (George Fronval - L'Énigmatique Fen-Chu)

Last recorded adventures of the
Nyctalope. (Jean de La Hire - L'Enigme du Squelette)

The dreaded
Pao Tcheou, so-called "Master of the Invisible", spreads terror. (Edward Brooker / Sam P. Norwood - Le Maître de l'Invisible)

A great number of characters whose adventuring careers began in the immediate post World War II or early 1950s (or even later), such as
Bob Morane, OSS 117, Coplan FX-18, Madame Atomos, Leonox, Mephista, S.A.S., and others were born in in the 1930s or 1940s; however they are not listed above but in the next chapter.

Leo Malet - Nestor Burma (Art by Tardi)

George Fronval - Fen-Chu (Art by Brantonne)
Jean de La Hire - Le Nyctalope (Art by Brantonne)