Ferenczi, 1928-1930:
1. Tigris
2. Coeur de Bandit (
Heart of a Bandit)
3. Âme d'Amoureuse (
Soul of a Lover)
4. L'Audience Rouge (
The Red Audience)
5. Rude se venge (
Rude's Revenge)
6. L'Impossible Alliance (
The Impossible Alliance)
7. La Dame en Violet (
The Lady in Purple)
8. L'Homme au Masque de Verre (
The Man in the Glass Mask)
9. Qui? (
10. Une Sainte (
A Saintly Woman)
11. Crime de Femme (
Womanly Crime)
12. Le Mariage de Léon Rude (
The Wedding of Leon Rude)
13. Matricule 227 (
Number 227)
14. Haut et Court (
High and Short)
15. Le Fantôme Rouge (
The Red Ghost)
16. Le Troisième Squelette (
The Third Skeleton)
17. La Roulotte Maudite (
The Accursed Trailer)
18. Crucifiée (
19. Volonté d'Altesse (
His Highness' Will)
20. L'Homme Noir (
The Dark Man)
21. Villa des Glycines
22. L'Instant Tragique (
Tragic Moment)
23. Le Fossoyeur de Minuit (
The Midnight Gravedigger)
24. Le Garage Rouge (
The Red Garage)
25. Tigris Vaincu (
Tigris Defeated)
26. Si c'était Tigris? (
If It Was Tigris?)

Concept: Tigris is a super-criminal, a master of disguise. His nemesis is a police inspector named Rude and his son, Leon. Both Leon and Tigris are in love with the same woman, Jeannine.

Ferenczi, 1930-1931:
1. Fatala
2. La Goule aux Cheveux d'Or (
The Ghoul with Golden Hair)
3. Bébert le Courtaud
4. Meurtrière? (
5. Les Morts Vivants (
The Living Dead)
6. Un Ange! (
An Angel!)
7. Masquée! (
8. L'Autre (
The Other)
9. L'Esclave (
The Slave)
10. Jésus... Beau Gosse! (
Jesus... Pretty Kid!)
11. Partie! (
12. Elle! (
13. L'Oeillet Rouge! (
The Red Carnation!)
14. Maudite! (
15. Brelan de Haines! (
Three Hatreds!)
16. Poupées d'Amour! (
Love Puppets!)
17. Secret de Femme! (
Womanly Secret!)
18. Peur! (
19. Midinette?
20. Complice! (
21. Enfer d'Amour! (
Hellish Love!)
22. Notre Maître! (
Our Master!)

Concept: Fatala is a female Fantômas-type criminal. However, in the end, she redeems herself.

Ferenczi, 1931:
1. Miss Téria
2. Du Sang sur une Fleur (
Blood on a Flower)
3. Son Homme (
Her Man)
4. Coeur de Gosse! (
Heart of A Kid!)
5. Une du Trottoir (
She From The Sidewalk)
6. Je vous en prie... (
I Beg You...)
7. Son Altesse! (
His Highness!)
8. Sous l'Ombrelle? (
Under the Umbrella?)
9. Le Poison des Lèvres (
The Poison on the Lips)
10. Coquette? (
11. Vendue (
12. Les Yeux qui Mentent (
The Lying Eyes)

Concept: Miss Teria is the codename of one of Her Majesty's top secret agents; she is on a quest to locate certain secret documents who might be in the possession of various parties: Bebert the Parisian Apache, the French Sureté, some journalists, etc.

1) 20 bi weekly magazines illustrated with photos by Henri Manuel, Ferenczi, 20 juin-22 août 1933.

2) Reedition, SELF, 1946.
1. Férocias
2. Le Prix du sang (
The Price of Blood)

Concept: Ferocias is a master-criminal who infiltrates the ranks of the police, blackmails the French Government for a billion francs and uses his alias as a reference to his predecessor Fantômas (who has a cameo). He is ultimately arrested at the Morgue.

Marcel Allain (1885-1970) was, with Pierre Souvestre (1874-1914) the creator of Fantômas. The son of a Parisian bourgeois family, Allain studied law before becoming a journalist, then the assistant of Souvestre, who was already a well-known figure in literary circles. In 1909, the two men published their first novel, Le Rour. Then, they embarked upon the Fantômas saga in February 1911. After Souvestre's death in February 1914, Allain continued the Fantômas saga alone, and launched several other pulp series, such as Tigris, Fatala and Miss Téria. In 1926, Allain married Henriette Kistler, Souvestre's girl-friend, and in 1939, he moved to Andrésy (the possible birth place of Arsène Lupin?). In total, Allain wrote more than 400 novels in his prolific career.

Thanks to Philippe Ethuin for information and additionmal images.