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Fascinax! A name synonymous with overpowering will! Supreme good! Superhuman power! Fascinax! Protector of the weak, avenger of the oppressed, terror of villains and evil-doers! Such was the introduction to Fascinax, a lesser-known French crime fighter created anonymously and published by the Librairie des Romans Choisis in 1921.

Fascinax follows in the footsteps of the Sar Dubnotal. Both are detectives of the occult, investigators of the supernatural, in the tradition of William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki.

Fascinax is
George Leicester, a British MD residing in the Philipines, who helps Hindu yogi Nadir Kritchna come back to life after having been put to death for a crime he did not commit. To thank him, the resurrected yogi takes George into the jungle and, in a mysterious temple, makes him undergo various mystic rituals which confer upon him supernatural powers. George then uses the alias of "Fascinax" to fight evil, starting with Kritchna's green-eyed nemesis, the superhuman Numa Pergyll and his henchman, Franz Krypfer.


The Books

(all published by
Librairie des Romans Choisis in 1921.)

1. Qui Est-Ce? (Who Is He?)
2. Le Docteur aux Yeux Verts (The Green-Eyed Doctor)
3. La Morte de Long Island (The Dead Woman of long Island)
4. La Momie sans Pouce (The Thumbless Mummy)
5. La Vapeur Écarlate (The Scarlet Mist)
6. La Pierre Fatale (The Deadly Stone)
7. L'Avalanche Vengeresse (The Avenging Avalanche)
8. Le Saut de la Mort (Deadman's Jump)
9. Au Bord de l'Abîme (The Edge of the Abyss)
10. Le Jouet qui Parle (The Talking Toy)
11. Le Sous-Marin Volant (The Flying Submarine)
12. Le Téléphone Mystérieux (The Mysterious Telephone)
13. Un Message de la Planète Mars (Message from Planet Mars)
14. La Caverne aux Millions (The Cavern of Millions)
15. L'Escalier de Feu (Staircase of Fire)
16. L'Obus Infernal (The Infernal Bombshell)
17. La Cloche Humaine (The Human Bell)
18. Le Château du Fantôme (The Castle of the Ghost)
19. La Roche Ensorcelée (The Spellbound Rock)
20. Le Pendu de l'Ile-aux-rats (The Hanged Man of the Isle of Rats)
21. L'Auberge du Diable (Devil's Inn)
22. Les Bijoux qui Tuent (The Deadly Jewels)

Many thanks to Marc Madouraud and Claude Hermier.