Henri Vernes' Bob Morane - Art by Pierre Joubert


(BEFORE 1800)





For this section, we have merely listed some of the most notable characters and series in chronological order, from the date of their first appearances.

Simenon's Maigret Continuing after World War II:
The investigations of renowned Police Judiciaire commissioner
Jules Maigret. (Georges Simenon - Maigret)
S./-A. Steeman's Monsieur Wens Continuing after World War II:
The murder investigations of police inspector Wenceslas Vorobeïtchik, a.k.a.
Monsieur Wens. (Stanislas-André Steeman - Monsieur Wens)
Jean Bommart's Le Poisson Chinois Continuing after Word War II:
The adventures of the French secret agent and murder investigator code-named the "
Poisson Chinois" (The Chinese Fish). (Jean Bommart - Le Poisson Chinois
Leo Malet's Nestor Burma  Continuing after World War II:
The investigations of private detective
Nestor Burma, France's Ace Detective. (Leo Malet - Nestor Burma)
Frederic Dard's San Antonio - Art by Gourdon Debuting during World War II:
Antoine San-Antonio is a French secret agent with the rank of commissioner. After WWII, he often works in tandem with the French police. His superior is Le Vieux, the "Old Man", head of the French FBI-like French intelligence service known as 2ème Bureau (later DST). (Frederic Dard - San-Antonio)
Jean Bruce's OSS 117 - Art by Gourdon 1949- :
Wealthy Louisiana gentleman Hubert Bonnisseur de la Bath begins his spying career for the American OSS, under the codename
OSS 117. Later Hubert works for the CIA, then the NSC (under General Stanford). He has the rank of colonel in the US military. 258 adventures were recorded, by Bruce, then his wife, then his children. (Jean Bruce - OSS 117)
Christian d'Ancourt fights in Indochina and adopts Cambodian orphan Lambu. (Serge Dalens - Les Fils de Christian) then joins the French Secret Service in the 1960s. (Serge Dalens - L'Affaire Balzac and Deux et Deux font Cinq)
Pierre Dac & Francis Blanche's Furax 1952-1968:
Master criminal
Furax and his girlfriend Malvina fight the would-be world conquering sect of the Babus, with the help of detectives Black and White. (Pierre Dac & Francis Blanche - Furax)
M.G. Braun's Sam & Sally 1952- :
Sam & Sally Kramer (née Craig; they got married in their 12th adventure) are a Heart-to-Heart-like couple of detectives. 84 recorded adventures. (M.-G. Braun - Sam & Sally)
Henri Vernes' Bob Morane - Art by Joubert 1953- :
Retired French airforce major
Robert "Bob" Morane and his friend, burly scotsman, Bill Ballantine, fight evil throughout the world, sometimes in space and even through time itself (wity the help of the Time Patrol). Their arch-enemies include the diabolical Monsieur Ming, aka The Yellow Shadow, the international crime cartel SMOG, and the mad Dr. Xhatan. Over 177 recorded adventures. (Henri Vernes - Bob Morane)
Paul Kenny's Francis Coplan - Art by Gourdon 1953- :
Francis Coplan, an electronics engineer, is recruited by the French CIA-like SDECE, and becomes one of their top agents, code-named FX-18. 237 adventures were recorded by various authors, using the same house name. (Paul Kenny - Coplan)
Bruno Bax' H 1955- :
French navy captain Hervé de Hersault is also a special agent codenamed "
H". 14 recorded adventures. (Bruno Bax - H)
G.-J. arnaud's Luc Ferran 1955- :
L'Ombre fights for justice. (Alain Page - L'Ombre)
Claude Rank's Force M - art by Gourdon 1955- :
Force M" is a Mission-Impossible-like taskforce working for the United Nations. (Claude Rank - Force M)
1956- :
Achille Nau is an adventurer who fights on both sides of the law. (Peter Randa - Nau)
  1956- :
Michel Mercadier, alias Mik, alias the Chat-Tigre (Tiger-Cat), is a young man who assists his uncle, an investigating magistrate in Versailles, in solving variuous mysteries. (Mik Fondal aka Jean-Louis Foncine & Serge Dalens - Les Enquêtes du Chat-Tigre)
Jean-Pierre Ferriere's Sisters Bodin 1957-1959:
The two elderly
Sisters Bodin investigate a series of murders. Six recorded cases. (Jean-Pierre Ferriere - Les Soeurs Bodin)
G.-J. arnaud's Luc Ferran 1958- :
Luc Ferran is a secret agent for the international organisation calld N.I.D. (G.-J. Arnaud writing as Gil Darcy - Luc Ferran) A PAGE ON G.-J. ARNAUD 
Georges Bayard's Michel - Art by Philippe Daure  1958- :
Michel Therais, his cousin Daniel Derieux, and friends Martine Deville and Arthur Mitouret, embark on a series of adventures against smugglers, pirates, forgers, spies, etc. (Georges Bayard - Michel)
1958- :
The tough, burly Geo Paquet, nicknamed the "
Gorilla", works for Le Vieux, the "Old Man", head of the FBI-like French intelligence service known as 2ème Bureau (later DST). His job is to track down and execute enemies of the state. (Antoine Dominique - Le Gorille)
Andre Fernez' Nick Jordan - Art by Joubert 1959- :
French secret agent
Nick Jordan also works for Le Vieux, the "Old Man". (Andre Fernez - Nick Jordan)
J.-P. Conty's Mr. Suzuki - Art by Gourdon 1959?- :
Mr. Suzuki is a Japanese secret service ace. (Jean-Pierre Conty - Mr. Suzuki
Adam Saint-Moore's Face d'Ange - Art by Gourdon 1960- :
Special agent Gunther, a.k.a. "
Face d'Ange" (Angel Face) is another top spy operative. (Adam Saint-Moore - Face d'Ange)
Remy's Le Monocle - Film Adaptation 1960- :
Commandant Drommard, a.k.a.
The Monocle, is a French secret service ace. (Remy - Le Monocle)
Pierre Bery's Dominique Dulac - Art by Jacques Poirier 1960:
Three young boys,
Dominique Dulac, Noël Avril and Ali-Baba, solve mysteries. (Pierre Very - Signé: Alouette)
1960- :
Le Diplomate (the Diplomat) is a French Foreign Service officer who finds himself involved in various adventures. (Jerôme Belleau - Le Diplomate)
Alain Page's Calone - Art by Gourdon 1961- :
Nicolas Calone is a French secret service ace. (Alain Page - Calone
Geirges Chaulet's Fantomette - Art by Jeanne Hives 1961- :
Teenage girl Françoise Dupont fights crime as the masked heroine
Fantômette, with the help of her two friends, nicknamed Ficelle and Boulotte. 52 recorded adventures. (Georges Chaulet - Fantômette)
1962- :
Paul Gaunce and the bautiful Tamara enter the world of international espionage. (Serge Laforest - Gaunce)
FH Ribes' Lecomte - Art by Gourdon 1962- :
Gérard Lecomte, codename KB-09, is a French secret service ace. (F.-H. Ribes - Lecomte)
1963- :
La Panthère is a French secret service ace. (René Charvin - La Panthère)
Maurice limat's Teddy Verano & Mephista - Art by Gourdon 1963-1974:
Private detective
Teddy Verano, the son of the eponymous Teddy Verano who also investigated strange cases in the mid-1930s-early-1940s, begins investigating the occult. In 1969, Verano teams up with a female succubus named Mephista, Twelve more adventures were recorded. (Maurice Limat - Teddy Verano - Mephista)
André Caroff's Madame Atomos - Art by Gourdon 1964-1970:
The deadly
Madame Atomos, a brilliant but twisted female Japanese scientist, is out to revenge herself against the United States for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She is thwarted by Smith Beffort of the FBI and Yosho Akamatsu of the Japanese Secret Police. 17 adventures were recorded. (André Caroff - Madame Atomos)
1964- :
Le Toubib (The Doc) is a French secret service ace. (Karol Bor - Le Toubib)
1964- :
Six teenagers from the Croix-Rousse area of Lyons and their dog Kafi embark on a series of adventures and become known as the
Six Companions. (Paul-Jacques Bonzon - Les Six Compagnons)
Vladimir Volkoff's Langelot - Art by Paulin 1965- :
Young orphan "
Langelot" is enlisted by French super-secret intelligence service, SNIF. Langelot's arch-enemy is the international spy cartel SPHINX. 40 recorded adventures. Corinne, a young female SNIF agent and Langelot's occasional girl-friend, also starred in two spin-off novels. (Vladimir Volkoff - Langelot)
Gerard de Villiers' SAS 1965- :
His Serene Highness
S.A.S. Prince Malko Linge owns a dilapidated castle near the Austrian-Hungarian border. To earn money, he works as a feeelance agent for the C.I.A.  Over 140 recorded adventures. (Gerard de Villiers - SAS)
  1966- :
Special Agent
Kern enters the fray. (Marc Revest - Kern)
  1966- :
A former circus acrobat turned cat-burglar,
Françoise Dilmont, aka La Louve Solitaire (The Lone Wolf) is recruited by the Service of Urgent Missions of French Intelligence. (Albert Saint-Aube - La Louve)
1966- :
Special Agent
TTX-75 joins the ranks of spies. (Richard Caron - TTX-75)
1967- :
Krause is an international trouble-shooter. (Piet Legay - Krause)
G.-J. Arnaud's Commander - Art by Gourdon 1967- :
Commander Serge Kovacs is a top French secret service operative, often assigned to politically sensitive missions. (G.-J. Arnaud - Le Commander) A PAGE ON G.-J. ARNAUD 
1968- :
Le Spécial (The Special Agent) is a French secret service ace. (Paul RPeyriac - Le Spécial)
1968- :
Glenne a top secret service operative. (M.-G. Braun - Glenne)
1969- :
Vicomte (Viscount) joins the ranks of international espionage. (Fred Noro - Le Vicomte)
1970- :

Paul Bonder works for Section 6 of the CIA. (André Caroff - Bonder) A PAGE ON ANDRÉ CAROFF
  1971- :
A group of adolescents team up to become the
Conquérants de l'Impossible (The Conquerors of the Impossible) and embark on a series of adventures, including time travel. Other members include a young medieval knight and a teenage girl from the future. 19 recorded adventures. (Philippe Ebly - Les Conquérants de l'Impossible)
G. Morris' Vic St. Val 1971- :
Victor de Saint-Valle, a.k.a.
Vic St. Val, is a secret agent working for the Infrared secret intelligence section of the United Nations. (Gilles Morris - Vic St Val)
  1971- :
A mysterious international gangster known as
Raner or Reiner becomes a modern Robin Hood. 13 recorded adventures. (Claude Klotz, Reiner/Raner)
Paul Bera's Francis Dalvant & Leonox - Art by Gourdon 1971-1977:
French journalist
Francis Dalvant of the newspaper L'Eclair, teams up with Lisa, a beautiful agent of some otherworldly power, to fight the evil schemes of Leonox, the agent of the power "opposite" to Lisa's master. (Paul Bera - Leonox)
  1972- :
Matt joins the ranks of spies. (François Chabrey - Matt)
  1973- :
Reserve lieutenant
Roch Laspic de Ruz, aka Le Conch, joins the secret services of the U.S. Navy. 8 recorded adventures. (Jacques Blois - Le Conch)
1974- :
Spy extraordinaire
Marc Avril begins writing his memoirs. (Marc Avril - Marc Avril)
  1974- :
Philippe de Kergalane, aka Kergan, works for the mysterious Organization Blue Flash, which fights for international peace. 12 recorded adventures. (Marc Bréhal - Kergan)
  1974- :
A mysterious secret agent known omly as
Daib Flash works for a secret department of the European Council and fights industrial spies. 15 recorded adventures. (André Caroff - Daib Flash) A PAGE ON ANDRÉ CAROFF
  1976- :
Freelance mercenary
Zac makes his first appearance on the international scene. 7 recorded adventures. (Fred Noro - Zac)
  1976- :
James Fitzgerald Cash, a former CIA agent, returns to fight a mysterious international crume cartel known as the 72 Committee. An explosion implantsa a smallpiece of germanium in his brain that gives him superhuman sight and hearing. 16 recorded adventures. (Gérard Cambri - Cash)
Jean Van Hamme's Largo Winch - Art by Dany 1977- :
Young adventurer
Largo Winch inherits the multinational conglomerate "Group W" -- and finds himself forced to unravel a series of international plots. 6 recorded adventures. (Jean Van Hamme - Largo Winch)
  1978- :
Anthony Nicholas Twin is caught in a nuclear blast and acquires super-human senses. He is then blackmailed in becoming a super-agent known as TNT. (Michael Borgia - TNT)
Joel Houssin's Dobermann 1983:
Dobermann heads a motley gang of professional robbers. There’s the psychotic Mosquito, The Padre (who is the craziest of the bunch), Pitbull, two gypsy brothers and Dobermann’s clutch - a mute, sexy chick who specialises in high-octane explosives. (Joel Houssin - Le Dobermann)
Alexandre Terrel's 1985- :
Antoine Chabrier, undertaker, rules with a gloved, iron hand over the water town of Balançon, eliminating anyone who disturns the peace. 7 recorded adventures. (Alexandre Terrel - Le Croque-Mort)
Daniel Pennac's Monsieur Malaussene  1985- :
In Belleville, the
Malaussene family becomes involved in a series of extravagant murder mysteries. (Daniel Pennac - Monsieur Malaussene)
Julius Lion's Inspecteur Boule 1986- :
The investigations of womanizing police inspector
Emilien Boule. (Julius A. Lion - Inspecteur Boule
Jean Rollin's Two Vampire Ophan Girls 1990- :
Edith and Judith, the reincarnations of the two original
Orphan Vampire Girls, Henriette and Louise, return to life. (Jean Rollin - Les Deux Orphelines Vampires
Noelle Loriot's Judge Florence Larrieu  1991- :
Investigating magistrate
Florence Larrieu solves puzzling murders. (Noelle Loriot - Judge Larrieu)
J.-B. Pouy's Le Poulpe - Art by Witko 1997- :
Gabriel Lecouvreur, a.k.a.
Le Poulpe (The Octopus) is a laid-back private investigator who works on cases for his own pleasure. Over 180 recorded adventures. (J.-B. Pouy & Others - Le Poulpe)