Scripts:  Maurizio Torelli (eps. 1-13); Veronese (eps. 14-44)
Art: Lina Buffolente (1924-2007)
Gun Gallon and his friend, the circus dwarf Milord, find themselves shipwrecked in an unnamed Pellucidar-like fantasy kingdom with three moons.  Later adventures see Gallon and Milord travel through time in a crystal ship and meet various mythological heroes before returning to their magical land.    

The Stories

Scripts: Maurizio Torelli 
1. Un Monde Inconnu [
An Unknown World] (Z Nos. 64-65) 
2. Coeur de Tenebres {
Heart Of Darkness] (Z Nos. 66-67) 
3. Galok l'Immense [
Galok The Huge] (Z Nos. 68-69) 
4. Le Lac Noir [
The Black Lake] (Z Nos. 70-71) 
5a. Vingt Jour de Survie [
Twenty Days' Survival] (Z No. 72) 
5b. Le Royaume des Invisibles [
The Kingdom Of The Invisible Ones] (Z No. 73) 
6. Des Hommes en Cage [
Men In Cages] (Z Nos. 74-75) 
7. L'Abominable [
The Abominable One] (Z Nos. 76-77) 
8. Les Esclaves de Haya [
The Slaves Of Haya] (Z Nos. 78-79) 
9. L'Ile Abandonnee [
The Abandoned Island] (Z Nos. 80-81) 
10. L'Oracle de Lun [
The Oracle Of Lun] (Z No. 82) 
11. La Grande Aventure [
The Great Adventure] (Z Nos. 83-84) 
12. Terrible Deception [
Dreadful Disappointment] (Z Nos. 85-86) 
13. L'Evade du Cosmos [
The Cosmic Fugitive] (Z Nos. 87-88) 

Scripts: Veronese 
14. Suak, Celui Qui Voit Loin [
Suak The Far-Seeing] (Z Nos. 89-90) 
15. L'Ile Heureuse [
The Happy Island] (Z Nos. 91-92) 
16. Le Royaume des Chimeres [
The Kingdom Of Chimeras] (Z Nos. 93-94) 
17. Le Secret de Faelah [
Faelah's Secret] (Z Nos. 95-96) 
18. Le Mystere du Lac Mador [
The Mystery Of Lake Mador] (Z Nos. 97-98) 
19. La Source de Vie [
The Source Of Life] (Z Nos. 99-100) 
20. Le Fils du Soleil [
The Son Of the Sun] (Z Nos. 101-102) 
21. Le Signe du Scorpion Rouge [
The Sign Of The Red Scorpion] (Z Nos. 103-104) 
22. L'Infranchissable Frontiere [
The Uncrossable Border] (Z No. 105) 
23. Le Domaine des Super-Ross [
The Domain Of The Super-Ross] (Z Nos. 109-111) 
24. Soko-Noo, Fleur des Neiges [
Soko-Noo, Snow Flower] (Z Nos. 112-113) 
25. La Conspiration des Trois Rois [
The Conspiracy Of The Three Kings] )Z Nos. 114-115) 
26. Les Fruits de Kopam [
The Fruits Of Kopam] (Z Nos. 120-121) 
27. Sa Majeste Milor 1er [
His Majesty Milord 1st] (Z Nos. 122-123) 
28. Les Olympiades de la Terreur [
The Olympiads Of Fear] (Z Nos. 124-125) 
29. La Vallee des Titans [
Valley Of The Titans] (Z Nos. 126-127) 
30. La Vengeance Viendra Du Ciel [
Revenge Shall Come From The Sky] (Z Nos. 128-129) 
31. Le Monde Submerge [
The Sunken World] (Z Nos. 130-131) 
32. Le Fantome de Aron [
Aron's Ghost] (Z Nos. 132-133) 
33. Vision Enchanteresse [
Spellbound Vision] (Z Nos. 134-135) 
34. La Foret des Damnes [
The Forest Of The Damned] (Z Nos. 136-137) 
35. Les Creatures de Raamus [
The Creatures Of Raamud] (Z Nos. 138-139) 
36. Un Heureux Retour [
A Fortunate Return] (Z Nos. 174-175) 
37. Les Nouveaux Argonautes [
The New Argonauts] (Z Nos. 176-177) 
38. La Vengeance de Pluton [
Pluto's Revenge] (Z Nos. 178-179) 
39. Le Phénix Arabe [
The Arabic Phoenix] (Z Nos. 180-181) 
40. Le Trone du Dieu Ra [
The Throne Of The God Ra] (Z Nos. 182-183) 
41. Les Fils du Dragon [
The Sons Of The Dragon] (Z Nos. 184-185) 
42. Dans la Walhalla, Paradis des Heros [
In Walhalla, Heroes' Paradise] (Z Nos. 186-187) 
43. La Fin de la Fusee [
Rocket's End] (Z Nos. 188-189) 
44. Adieu [
Good-Bye] (Z Nos. 190-191)




Publishing History

Gun Gallon was originally serialized from 1968 to 1973 as a back-up feature in Zembla, published by Editions Lug. 


The Authors


Lina Buffolente (1924-2007) is an Italian artist who began her comics career in 1941 in Milan.  Herearly works include Petto de Pollo, Piccolo Re, Frisco Jim, Colorado Kid, Calamity Jane, etc.  In 1948, she drew Tom Bill and Tom Mix for the publisher Arc and Furio Mascherato for the publisher Audace.  She then worked on Liberty Kid for the publisher Universo and Fiordistella (1961) for Il Monello.  Her work for Lug included Malinbourne of Camelot, L'Homme de Metal, and small contributions to Homicron and Zembla, but primarily the long-running Gun Gallon.  In the 1970s, Buffolente worked on the famous Captain Miki, the Little Ranger (Piccolo Ranger) and, more recently, on Cap'tain Swing

Maurizio Torelli is an Italian writer who also contributed to Magic Tom, Motoman and Zembla.

Veronese is an Italian writer who also contributed to Saint-Germain and Zembla.