Héritier d'un Monde
[Inheritor Of A World]

: Jean-Pierre Dionnet (1947- )
Artist: Raymond Poïvet (1910-1999 )

Through an inheritance from a mysterious uncle, young Tiriel discovers a gateway to a world of heroic-fantasy.  There, he helps lead a revolution against the beautiful but evil Queen Eno


The Stories

1. Tiriel, héritier d'un monde [Tiriel, Inheritor of a World] ("Lucky Luke" Nos.5, 7, 9, 1974; Fernand Nathan; 1975 (b&w); "Humanoïdes Associés", 1982 (color))

2. Retour a Golgonooza [Return to Golgonooza] (uncompleted story) ("Métal Hurlant" Nos.79-82, 1982-1983)


Publishing History

was first serialized in "Lucky Luke" magazine in 1974, then collected as a b&w graphic novel by publisher Fernand Nathan in 1975. It was then reprinted in color by Les Humanoides Associes in 1982. A new Tiriel story began in "Metal Hurlant" that same year, but was left unfinished. 

The Authors

Initially a fan writer, Jean-Pierre Dionnet (1947- ) began contributing several short genre stories to "Pilote" in the early 1970s, and one longer story, the beautiful Jean Cyriaque (with Solé).  In 1973, Dionnet, with artists Moebius and Philippe Druillet, founded the genre magazine Métal Hurlant. For Métal, Dionnet wrote Exterminateur 17 for Bilal, Arn for Gal, and Région Étrangère [Foreign Area] for Deum.  After Métal's initial bankruptcy (the magazine was taken over by other publishers), Dionnet went on to became a radio and television personality and a comics editor for publisher Albin Michel


Tiriel © 2003 Poïvet/Dionnet. All rights reserved.