Writer: Pascal Thomas (1945- ) & Guy Pellaert
Artist: Guy Pellaert (1934- )
Pravda la Survireuse [Pravda the Overdriver] is a leather-clad, panther-bike-riding amazon whose adventures take place in a Mad Max-like, futuristic city, inhabited by degenerate people.


Publishing History 

Pravda was initially serialized in the magazine "Hara-Kiri" in 1967.  It was then collected as a graphic novel by publicher Eric Losfeld in 1968.

Pravda was designed to look like French singer Francois Hardy

Eric Losfeld had previously published Jean-Claude Forest's Barbarella in 1964, and Philippe Druillet's Lone Sloane and Guy Pellaert's Jodelle (see below).




Jodelle (co-written with Pierre Bartier) was published by Losfeld in 1966.  She was designed after French singer Sylvie Vartan.

was another liberated female heroine whose adventures took place in a pseudo-futuristic Roman Empire & Pop Music universe.



The Authors

Pellaert (1934- ) was born in Brussels and studied at the Beaux-Arts.  After working in advertising, he drew Jodelle in 1966, and Pravda in 1967.  In 1968, he produced a series of pop art-inspired photo-comics for "Hara-Kiri": The Game, She and the Greenhairs (written by Roger Wolfs) and a regular comics, Karachi!  Pellaert then  left comics to work in theater and television.  In 1973, he produced Rock Dreams, a book collecting a series of paintings featuring pop music artists.

Thomas (1945- ) was a film critic and journalist before directing his first feature film in 1972, the hugely successful Les Zozos.  His films are often simple love stories, set against a nostalgic provincial background.  His major successes include Le Chaud Lapin (1974), Celles qu'on a pas eues (1981) and Pagaille (1991).


Pravda / Jodelle © 2001 Pellaert. All rights reserved.