Writer: Greg (pseudonym of Michel Regnier) (1931-1999)
Artist: Dany (pseudonym of Daniel Henrotin) (1943- )

Young legal clerk Olivier Rameau, kindly solicitor Mr. Pertinent, and the stunningly beautiful Colombe Tiredaile (who later becomes Mrs Rameau), save the amiable Slumberland-like kingdom of Rêverose (Pink Dreams) from various threats.

The Stories

from "Tintin", 
& "Nouveau Tintin" 
1. La Merveilleuse Odyssée d'Olivier Rameau et de Colombe Tiredaile [
The Marvellous Odyssey Of Olivier Rameau And Colombe Tiredaile] (TI Nos. 1042-1059, 1968) 
2. La Bulle de Si-C'était-Vrai [
The Bubble Of If-'Twere-True] (TI Nos. 1079-1102, 1969) 
3. Le Château des 4 Lunes [
The Castle Of The 4 Moons] (TI Nos. 1125-1149, 1970) 
4. La Caravelle de N'Importe-Où [
The Caravel Of Anywhere] (TI Nos. 1183-1202, 1971) 
5. Le Grand Voyage en Absurdie [
The Great Journey To Absurdia] (TI Nos. 1228-1246, 1972) 
6. L'Oiseau de Par-Ci, Par-Là [
The Bird Of Here-and-There] (TH Nos. 53-61, 1974) 
7. Le Miroir à Trois Faces [
The Three-Sided Mirror] (NT Nos. 18-36, 1976) 
8. La Trompette du Silence [
The Silent Trumpet] (NT Nos. 83-97, 1977)
9. Le Canon de la Bonne Humeur [
The Canon Of Good Humor] (1983) 
10. Le Rêve aux Sept Portes [
The Seven Gates Of Dream] (1985) 
11. L'Océan sans Surface [
The Ocean Without Surface] (1987) 





Publishing History

Olivier Rameau was originally serialized in the weekly magazine "Tintin"  (and its successors), starting in 1968.  Each story was then collected in a graphic novel by Editions du Lombard.  Volume 10 is a collection of seven short stories, written by Dany



The Authors

Dany (1943- ) is the pseudonym of Daniel Henrotin.  A former student of artists Mitteï and Greg, Dany published his first hit series, the dream-like and romantic Olivier Rameau in "Tintin" in 1968.  Dany has also drawn popular adventure series such as Bernard Prince, Arlequin and Equateur.  He is also the artist of a popular series of X-rated humor books. 

Olivier Rameau © 2001 Dany/Greg. All rights reserved.