in the LANGELOT series

Langelot & Montferrand
by Maurice

Montferrand & Langelot
by Robert

Langelot (Agent 222)
Blond, under six feet, Langelot was recruited by the SNIF when he was eighteen, but he looks younger than his real age.  He has no family, his parents having died in a plane accident.  Langelot is an excellent sharpshoorter with a .22 caliber.  His rank is that of "Sous-Lieutenant" [Under-Lieutenant], having been made officer after saving SNIF's academy [No. 1].  He drives either a souped-up Citroen 2 CV, that belongs to SNIF, or his own blue "midget" sports car.  His usual alias is "Auguste Pichenet".

(Corinne by Maurice Paulin)

(Corinne by Robert Bressy)
Corinne (Agent 252)
(Delphine Ixe)
Corinne is "Snif"'s daughter.  She first helped Langelot save SNIF's academy ship [No. 1].  Later, she assisted him in the defeat of the traitor Cordovan [No. 33] and SPHINX leader Felix Sousse [No. 34].  She was then posted in the "Renseignement" [Information] section of Capitaine Aristide.  There, she fought against a terrorist network, the TIPTU, who used codenamed taken after a deck of playing cards. [Corinne Nos. 1, 2]
The Heroes

(General Ixe)
With Corinne
(Art by Robert Bressy)
The unseen head of SNIF.  He is Corinne's father and a hero of the French Resistance.   Langelot once saved his life.  [Nos. 1, 23, 34; Corinne No. 1] 

Capitaine Montferrand 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Langelot's superior and the head of SNIF's "Protection" Division.  Montferrand was wounded in action and sports a prosthetic leg.  He has grey hair, and a crew cut.  He is married and has four children, Alice, Marie, Marc and Michel.  His alias is "Roger Noel". 

Capitaine Aristide 
Far left, next to Montferrand and Rossini, 
taking orders from "Snif" 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Head of SNIF's "Renseignement" [Information] division and Corinne's superior.  He is small, thin and a man of few words.  His alias is "Dugazon".  His favorite expression, "Je pese mes mots" [I weigh my words].   

Commandant Rossini 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Head of SNIF's "Action" division.  He has a bombastic, ebullient personality.  He is Pierrot la Marmite's superior and has occasionally dispatched Langelot on perilous missions. 

Capitaine Blandine
In the center, sitting next to Montferrand,
receiving a report from Langelot
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Montferrand's assistant.  Stiff, formal and far more mindful of procedures and regulations than Montferrand.   

Capitaine Mousteyrac 
Giving orders to Langelot
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
One of Montferrand's top operatives.  His nickname is "Cavalier Seul" [Lone Rider] because he prefers to work alone. [Nos.  5, 12, 37] 

In the center, with Montferrand (left) and Charles (right)

(Art by Maurice Paulin)
This somber, silent man is another of Montferrand's top operatives. He is usually teamed-up with Charles. [No. 2, 7, 8...] 

Charles with Choupette
(Art by Maurice Paulin)

This happy, go-lucky talkative man is another of Montferrand's top operatives. He is usually teamed-up with Alex. [No. 2, 7, 8...]  

Pierrot la Marmite
(Pierre Touzier)
Renting a car at Miami Airport
with Langelot, his hair dyed dark
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
This chubby, nonchalant man is in reality one of SNIF's "Action" division's top, tough-as-nails agents.  He eventually fell in love with Country 4584's resistance leader, Niké. [No. 20, 29, 34]   

Aspirant Gaspard 
In disguise
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Young SNIF agent who attended the SNIF academy a year after than Langelot.  He occasionally assists Langelot on various missions.  The one thing Gaspard loves more than anything is to disguise himself. [Nos. 16, 19, 22, 28, 37] 

Aspirant Mistigri
(Gersende d'Holbach)
Being consoled by Langelot
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Young SNIF agent who attended the SNIF academy a year after than Langelot.  She occasionally assists Langelot on various missions and has a crush on him.  Her nickname comes from the fact that she is as nimble as a cat. [Nos. 28]   


(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Langelot met this talented young singer when he joined the Pa-Pou radio station; Julio later became a star and Langelot once served as his bodyguard. [No. 12, 32]

Commissaire Didier
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Commissioner of the DST [Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire], a FBI-like police organization which is often in a state of rivalry with SNIF.  Didier has been outsmarted several times by Langelot, and has developed a grudging respect for the young agent.  He makes loud harrumphing sounds when upset.  [Nos. 2, 3, 8, 9, 18, 21, 28, 34]    

General Rougeroc
(Art by Robert Bressy)
Head of the BING (Bataillon d'Intervention Generale), a top French SAS-like commando unit, almost sabotaged by the SPHINX twice.  [Nos. 13, 38, 39, 40] 

Prof. Roche-Verger 
Mocking his bodyguards
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
One of France's most brilliant rocket scientists.  His nickname is "Professor Propergol".  He is tall, absent-minded and loves guessing games.  Behind this amiable facade lies a sharp mind and an iron will.  [Nos.  2, 8, 18, 30, 34]   

Hedwige "Choupette" Roche-Verger 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Prof. Roche-Verger's daughter and Langelot's best girl-friend.  He likes spending his time off with her and made provisions for her to inherit his blue "Midget" sports car should he be killed. [Nos. 2, 8, 18, 26, 30, 34] 

 Liane Dotrante
Talking to Langelot at the Yacht Club
of Ouboubou in the French Pacific
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Daughter of a rich family of French expatriates living in Ouboubou, a French Pacific territory.  She is another of Langelot's girl-friends and loves to tease him. [Nos. 27, 39]  

Graziella Andronymos 
Talking to Langelot in Paris
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Daughter of the President of Cote d'Ebene, an African state friendly to France.  She is fianced to Lieutenant Rigobert Naboswende. [Nos. 9, 11] 

Colonel Hugh 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
High-ranking officer of the British Intelligence Service. [Nos. 4, 7]. 

Phil Laframboise 
Discussing a case with Langelot
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Agent of the Canadian Mounted Police. [No. 5, 17]
The Villains

The Board, including Sidney (bottom left)
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Acronym for the "Societe Financiere Internationale X", a consortium of seven immensely rich and totally amoral international billionaires (including Sidney and gun merchant Felix Sousse) who only wish to increase their power and wealth at any cost. [Nos. 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 31, 34, 36, 38, 39, 40]   

Sidney la Gelatine 
Surrounded by his SPHINX henchmen
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
American billionaire and one of SPHINX's directors.  He loved to feed his enemies to carnivorous fish.  He was eventually captured by Langelot. [Nos. 14, 20,, 22, 31, 34] 

Commodore Burma 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
SPHINX' head enforcer.  He commands a powerful submarine (the Sphinx) and a crew of disciplined men dressed in submariners' clothes and wearing aviators' goggles. [Nos. 12, 14, 22, 39] 


Patroclas & Zaza Morkotny
(Art by Robert Bressy)
Two of the deadliest SPHINX operatives.  Patroclas poses as a world philantropist but is in reality a mastermind saboteur and agent provocateur; his "assistant" Ms. Morkotny is a merciless fighter.  Patroclas was killed by a hand grenade.  [Nos. 38, 39, 40]  

4584 (aka the "Black Country") 
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Codename for a hostile country whose agents Langelot repeatedly fought.  Their major operative was the traitor, Cordovan. [Nos. 1, 2, 13 not named; 17, 24, 27, 28, 29, 33, 36] 

(Jacques Corsetier) 
With secretary
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Former French air force officer who betrayed his country and became a high-ranking operative for Country 4584.  He was incredibly charismatic and plotted a terrorist assault on France.  He was eventually killed in the explosion of his getaway helicopter. [Nos.  27, 28, 29, 33]   

Colonel Chibani 
(Art by Maurice

High-ranking officer of an unnamed African country (Libya)'s secret service.  He plotted to take over the friendly neighboring African country of Cote d'Ebene.  Chibani was eventually killed during a failed attempt to assassinate "Snif".  [Nos. 9, 11, 18, 23] 

 Monsieur T
(Thomas Torvier)
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Megalomaniacal, obese and crippled scientist who controlled a terrorist network and dreamed to rule the world from his orbiting satellite.  He died when his satellite was destroyed by one of Roche-Verger's rockets. [Nos. 6, 7 , 8] 

President Ali Aman Dadi
With top French model Ms Boisguilbert
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
President-for-life of an African State who held one of Lamgelot's former teachers hostage [No. 30] 


Madame Schasch
(Art by Maurice Paulin)
Ruthless old woman who headed the B.I.D.I., an international organization of industrial spies.  She was arrested by SNIF. [No. 3] 

With thanks for the contribution of Patrice Laquerrière.