Writer/Artist: Henry Le Monnier
Jean d'Armor is a stowaway on the yacht of archeologist Charles Derval who is searching for the lost continent of Atlantis in the Sargasso Sea.  They eventually discover Atlantis, hidden behind an invisibility field, and help the peace-loving Atlanteans defeat the bellicose Outrophedons and their evil Queen.

Publishing History

Jean d'Armor was first serialized in 1947 in the magazine "Wrill" Nos. 103-133, published by Éditions Charles Gordinne, then collected in a 32-page graphic novel also published by Gordinne under their "Chagor" label. 

Jean d'Armor was later reprinted in serial form as a back-up feature in "Tarou" and again in the graphic novel format by publisher SIREC in the 1960s.


The Author

Henry Le Monnier illustrated various books such as "Les Aventures de Robert-Robert" [Robert-Robert's Adventures] by Louis Desnoyers and "La Route d'Honolulu" [The Road to Honolulu] by Gilbert Dupé, but is mostly remembered for his works in comics, including Jean d'Armor, Les Inventions du Pr. Azimut [Prof. Azimut's Inventions] and King le Vengeur [King the Avenger].