[War Against Earth]

: Marijac (pseudonym of Jacques Dumas) (1904- )
Artist: Auguste Liquois (vol. 1); Pierre Duteurtre (Vol. 2)

The Story

War Against Earth is the tale of a merciless future war between the invading Martian armies and the forces of Earth.  The resistance effort is led by French Captain Jean Veyrac and his various heroic companions, including American air force ace Glenn Martin, Russian pilot Boris Rasdoloff and British rocketeer Tom Buster.  The Martian (small green-skinned humanoids with big heads) use rockets, deadly, spherical war machines and hordes of savage ape-like warriors.  They have also allied themselves with renegade Japanese army forces out for revenge.  Eventually, atomic explosions modify the angle of rotation of Earth wiping out some of the invaders.  A Martian peace faction triumphs and negotiate a peace treaty with Earth.




Publishing History

War Against Earth was originally serialized in "Coq Hardi" in 1946 and 1947.  The first part of the story was drawn by Auguste Liquois; the second part was entrusted to Pierre Duteurtre

War Against Earth was republished in two volumes by Glénat in 1975 and 1976, and again in an omnibus edition in 1999. 


The Authors

A popular and prolific artist/writer of the 1930s, Marijac (a pseudonym of Jacques Dumas) (1904- ), was involved in the French Resistance during World War II, and launched the popular comic magazine "Coq Hardi" after the War, thus becoming one of the leading publishers of French comics in the 1950s.  His creations include Capitaine Fantôme, Colonel X, the multi-faceted Jim Boum and Guerre à la Terre

Pierre Duteurtre ("Dut") (1911-1989) began his comics career in "L'As" in 1937.  After the war, he worked for Artima on Vigor, then for "Coq Hardi", starting with War Against Earth in 1947 and Sitting Bull (1948-53).  Duteurtre then went on to draw various historical newspaper strips in the 1960s.