Writer: Juliette Benzoni, based on the novels by Sax Rohmer
Artist: Robert Bressy (1924- )

Publishing History

Over 3,000 daily comic strips featuring Sax
Rohmer's famous Chinese evil mastermind were serialized in the daily newspaper "Le Parisien Libéré" between 1961 and 1972. 
Only one collection, aptly entitled
Le Maître du Monde [The Master Of The World], was published by Hachette in 1975. 


The Author

After having worked as an animator for director Paul Grimaud ("The King and the Bird"), Robert Bressy (1924- ) began working as a comic strip artist for the agency Opera Mundi in 1952, and stayed there until 1983.  His works include comic strip adaptations of classic novels by Balzac, Victor Hugo, and science fiction novels by J.H. Rosny Aine, as well as comic adaptations of television series, Disney characters (Mary Poppins), etc.  His major genre work, however, remains Docteur Fu Manchu.  He has also illustrated numerous juvenile novels, including Langelot.