Writer: Yvan Delporte (1928- )
Artist: Jidehem (pseudonym of Jean de Mesmaeker) (1935- )
Uhu-Man is a superhero created for a series of eight one-page advertisements for UHU (a popular brand of glue) that ran in 1967 and 1968 in "Tintin",  "Spirou" and other weekly comic magazines.  In these ads, Uhu-Man used glue to thwart the nefarious schemes of gangster consortium G.A.G.A.

The Advertisements

1. Defi a Uhu-Man [
Challenge to Uhu-Man]
2. Uhu-Man et la Torpille [
Uhu-Man & The Torpedo]
3. Uhu-Man et le Satellite [
Uhu-Man & The Satellite]
4. Uhu-Man contre les Vandales [
Uhu-Man vs. The Vandals]
5. Uhu-Man  et les Capsules Spatiales [
Uhu-Man & The Space Capsules]
6. Uhu-Man et le Prototype Blanc [
Uhu-Man & The White Prototype]
7. Uhu-Man et l'Engin Mysterieux [
Uhu-Man & The Mysterious Device]
8. Uhu-Man Tient la Barre [
Uhu-Man Holds the Steering Wheel] [Written & Drawn by Garel Perez)



The Authors


Jidehem (1935- ) is the pseudonym of Jean de Mesmaeker, a Belgian artist who started his comics career with Ginger in the early 1950s, then joined the editorial team of "Spirou," for which he created the popular characters of Sophie and Starter.  He also assisted Franquin on Spirou and Gaston Lagaffe, lending his real name to a character of that series.