Writer/Artist: Pierre Dupuis (1931- )
Commandant Titan [Captain Titan] -- is the nickname of French astronaut Michel Villeroy.  He and his teammate Lucien Texier (Tex) are sent to the Moon in the rocket Diamant IX.  There, they meet aliens from the planet Lux.  They then travel to Lux where they help their alien friends defeat the threat of the Shark, inhuman cosmic machines who seek to destroy all life.  Titan and Tex eventually return to Earth, where they use their newly-gained alien technology to bring peace to the world.

The Stories

from "Titan" Magazine
1. Titan (1963) 
2-4. Diamant IX ne répond plus [
Diamant IX Does Not Answer
5. Bombik Menace Zukor [
Bombik Threatens Zukor
6. F = E x mm'/ d2 
7. Terminus Lux 
8. L'Attaque [
The Attack
9. Transmitor 7.207 
10. [
11. [
12. Toute l'Eau du Ciel... [
All The Water In The Sky...
13. Cryptolegnia 
14. Le Dernier Quart d'Heure [
The Last Quarter Of An Hour
15. Titan et l'Anti-Monde [
Titan & The Anti-World
16. Paix sur la Terre [
Peace On Earth]


Publishing History

Titan was originally published in an eponymous black & white digest-sized magazine published by the Societe Francaise de Presse Illustrée (SFPI) in 1963.  The magazine lasted only sixteen issue.  Titan was first reprinted in two volumes, Titan and Le Retour de Titan [Titan's Return] by publisher Glénat in 1977 and then again in a huge 480-page omnibus volume in 1981.   


The Author

Pierre Dupuis (1931- ) was a prolific artist who studied with Paul Gillon, then went on to work for "Vaillant" in 1949, and then "Spirou."  Dupuis produced numerous historical and adventure series for a variety of magazines published by SFPI, including Anton Marcus and Alan Bruce for "Zorro", Mac Gallan for "Cap 7", Aigle d'Or for "Arc-en-Ciel", Bison Noir for "Special-Zorro" and the eponymous heroes of "Olac le Gladiateur", "Erik le Viking" (originally created by Don Lawrence) and "Titan".   His science fiction series include Titan, Les Pirates de l'Infini [Pirates Of Infinity] (published in "Zorro") and Kronos (1980) (no relation to Jean-Yves Mitton's Kronos).   Dupuis is better known for his biographies and a detailed history of World War II in comics form. 

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