Wri/Art: Pat Mallet.

Pegg is an intelligent but unlucky little robot, who shares the same universe as Xing and Xot, two inept but funny Martians who have various misadventures on Earth.


The Stories
(in Spirou Magazine)

1. Pegg en Amazonie (
Pegg in the Amazon) (Spirou Nos. 1141-1161, 1960)
2. La Tiare de Chouboul-Toukroum (
The Tiara of Chouboul-Toukroum) (Spirou Nos. 1226-1266, 1961)

(in Spirou's Mini-Recit Inserts)

3. Deux Inventeurs de Génie (
Two Inventing Geniuses) (Spirou No. 1332 Mini-Récit 188, 1963)
4. Les Malheurs de Pegg (
Pegg's Misfortunes) (Spirou No. 1396, Mini-Récit 252, 1965)
5. Cosmos Fleuri (
Flowered Cosmos) (Wri: Jacques Devos) (Spirou No. 1463, Mini-Récit 320, 1966)


The Stories
(in Spirou's Mini-Recit Inserts)

1. Xing et Xot (
Spirou No. 1145, Mini-Récit 11, 1960)
2. Deux Fins Diplomates (
Two Fine Diplomats) (Spirou No. 1270, Mini-Récit 126, 1962)
3. Le Retour de Xing et Xot (
The Return of Xing & Xot) (Spirou No. 1288 Mini-Récit 144, 1962)
4. La lettre de Xenopos (
Xenopos' Letter) (Spirou No. 1320, Mini-Récit 176, 1963)
5. Les Fous du Cirque (
Circus Madmen) (Spirou No. 1336, Mini-Récit 192, 1963)
6. Cosmos Fleuri (
Flowered Cosmos) (Wri: Jacques Devos) (Spirou No. 1463, Mini-Récit 320, 1966)


Publishing History

was first originally serialized in Spirou's magazine in 1960 and 1961. Simultaneously, Pat Mallet created Xing & Xot for Spirou's Mini-Récit inserts, a 2-1/2 x 3-1/2" pull-out supplement, stapled inside the magazine, which, properly folded and cut, asembled into a mini comic-book. (Also see Tom Bolah.) After two stories, Pegg eventually migrated to the Mini-Récits as well. The two series crossed over in Cosmos Fleuri, the last story. Neither series was collected in the graphic novel format. Coffre-a-BD is reprinting the Pegg and Xing & Xot stories.

The Author

Patrick Mallet is a French cartoonist who studied at the Ecole des Arts Appliques in Paris at the same time as Moebius and Mézières. Mallet went on to create the delightful adventures of Pegg the robot and the two goofy martians Xing & Xot for Spirou, and soon afterwards another martian, Zoum, for Pilote. Mallet eventually became a successful cartoonist, devoting his entire career to crafting hilarious gags about "little greeen men."