Writer: Claude Dupré (pseudonym of Agnes Guilloteau)
Artist: Jean Ache (pseudonym of Jean Huet) (1923-1985)
Nic & Mino Dabarin are two twins (Nic is blond, Mino dark-haired).  With their companions, Tao, a Confucius-quoting Chinese, Bob, an annoying American journalist, Sweet Grannie, an American billionaire, and the eccentric Professor Zaparelli, they become involved in a series of fantastic adventures.  During one of these, they discover a lost civilization of Conquistadores, from which they bring back another companion, the tempestuous Captain Haddock-like Pistoletas.  Other adventures include the discovery of a technologically-advanced, secret island society, the chase after an artichoke-headed Venusian, searching for Noah's ark, etc.  Their arch-enemy is Legrand-Ixe, the leader of a nefarious international criminal organization.

The Stories

from "Le Journal de Mickey" Magazine
1. SOS de l'Oncle Octave [
SOS From Uncle Octave] (MI Nos. 293-332, 1958)
2. Un Appel de L'Antarctique [
A Call From Antarctica] (MI. Nos. 333-363, 1959) 
3. Destination Inconnue [
Destination Unknown] (MI Nos. 364-404, 1960) (in book form: Le Mystère de la Cité Perdue [The Mystery Of The Forgotten City], Edi-Monde, 1962) 
4. Le Voyageur de l'Espace [
The Space Traveller] (MI Nos. 405-438, 1960) (in book form: La Chasse au Vénusien [The Venusian Hunt], Edi-Monde, 1962) 
5. L'Ile Inaccessible [
The Inaccessible Island] (MI Nos. 439-471, 1961) (in book form: Le Secret de l'île Interdite [The Secret Of The Forbidden Island], Edi-Monde, 1963) 
6. La Chasse aux Milliardaires [
The Hunt For Billionaires] (MI nos. 472-506, 1961-62) (in book form: Legrand-Ixe contre les Milliardaires [Legrand-Ixe vs. The Billionaires], Edi-Monde, 1964) 
7. Gare aux Sauterelles [
Beware The Locusts] (MI Nos. 507-541, 1962) 
8. Les Ratapous à l'Heure Atomique [
The Ratapous In The Atomic Age] (MI Nos. 542-576, 1963)
9. Terrible Tante Amélie [
Terrible Aunt Amelia] (MI Nos. 577-608, 1964)  
10. Flash sur l'Amazonie [
Flash Over Amazonia] (MI Nos. 609-643, 1964) 
11. Des Artichauts dans le Désert [
Artichokes In The Desert] (MI Nos. 644-705, 1965) (based on a novel by Henri d'Albret) 
12. Le Fantôme du Fier-à-Bras [
The Ghost Of The Fier-à-Bras] (MI Nos. 706-737, 1966) 


Nic, Tao, Bob & Mino


Pistoletas rescuing Sweet Grannie

Publishing History

Nic & Mino were originally serialized two-pages a week in "Le Journal de Mickey" (published by Edi-Monde) from 1958 to 1966.  Only four stories were collected as graphic novels, under slightly different titles. 


The Author

Ache (1923-1985) was the pseudonym of French writer/artist Jean Huet, an homage to the famous illustrator Caran d'Ache.  After working on numerous children's magazines during World War II, creating Tonton Molecule for  "O.K." and Achille, Lastuce & Cremolet for "Mon Journal", Ache created the mermaid Arabelle for the daily newspaper "France-Soir" in 1950, the sexy super-heroine Coraline for "France-Dimanche", and the long-running juvenile adventure series Nic et Mino for "Le Journal de Mickey" in 1958.  He was also the author of a number of popular series, such as Archibald, Agenor and Amanda (a sexy female ghost) for "France Dimanche", Pat'apouf for "Le Pelerin" (1973-1985) and Ortax le Robot for "Pistil". 


Legrand-Ixe and his criminal empire

Nic & Mino © 2001 Ache/Dupre. All rights reserved.