[Kaza The Martian]
Writer/Artist: Kline (pseudonym of Roger Chevallier) (1922- )

An Earth scientist, his daughter Jane and his assistant Jacques, travel to Mars, where they meet the handsome Prince Kaza, the legitimate emperor of the red planet, who has been overthrown by the tyrant Agold.   With the help of his three Earth friends, Kaza will eventually retake his home city of Liberapolis.  During the course of their adventures, the four heroes encounter various, colorful Martian races such as the Triangle-Heads and the People of Yog. 


Publishing History 

Kaza le Martien was originally serialized in "OK Magazine" from 1946 to 1948. The series ended with Agold's defeat and Kaza's retaking of Liberapolis.  It was partially reprinted in 1980 and 1981 by publisher Michel Deligne in his imprint "Aventures de l'Age d'Or" [Adventures From The Golden Age]. 


The Author 

Kline was the pseudonym of writer/artist Roger Chevallier (1922- ).  Kaza the Martian, obviously inspired by Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, was Kline's first comic series.  He then went on to create and/or work on numerous juvenile adventure series, such as Stany Beule dans la Lune [Stany Beule on the Moon] (1949) and Magda (1956-60) (both published in "Fillette"), Young Robin Hood (1959), taking over the art chores on the spy series Colonel X for a fantasy-ladden Tibetan adventure (1954) (both published in "Coq Hardi"), taking over Davy Crockett (1960-69) and finally creating the brave Sioux warrior Loup Noir [Black Wolf] (1969-83) (both published in "Vaillant").