Writer: Francisco Armond
Artist: Renato Silva

Inspector Higgins and his assistant, Miller, investigate the suspected death of Prof. Cuberry. The scientist was apparently killed by an evil crime lord known only as The Grey Claw. The Claw is, in reality, Dr. Stone, a chemist and one of Cuberry's former colleagues. The Grey Claw then embarks on a reign of terror. His tools include a giant robot named Flag, a murderous gorilla with Prof. Cuberry's brain, and Kathy, Cuberry's former secretary, now brainwashed into an evil villainess nicknamed the "Lady in Black". After a variety of ghastly crimes, the Claw is eventually be killed by an insane Flag during the police's assault on his lair. Kathy is saved and becomes good again.

The Robot That Said

Publishing History

La Griffe Grise (The Grey Claw) was serialized in the Belgian magazine "Le Moustique" starting on 15 October 1944, in weekly, one-page instalments.

In January 1945, the series was interrupted, allegedly the victim of paper shortages. It returned on 14 October 1945, but in a reduced format, with two full pages printed as a single half-page.

The story ended on 12 January 1947, totalling about 100 pages. It was never collected in the graphic novel format.

La Griffe Grise was originally a Brazilian comic first published in Jornal a Gazetinha in 1937, called A Garra Cinzenta.

The Lady
In Black

Thanks to Bas Schuddeboom.