Writer: Victor Mora (1931- )
Artist: Annie Goetzinger (1951- )
Felina is the illegitimate daughter of a French nun and a Spanish anarchist, both dead. Raised as a panther-trainer and trapeze artist in a circus, she married American millionnaire Wilbur Kholderup. But Kholderup was killed by the criminal sect of the Kriss, and Felina then became a black-cloaked heroine, using her circus skills, to avenge her husband. She is ably assisted by Lobjak, a Tibetan wizard, and Colonel Pembroke, two of her husband's friends. Her arch-enemy is Touan Naga, the mysterious leader of the Kriss.

The Stories

1. Félina (Glé., 1979)
2. Les Mystères de Barcelone (
The Mysteries of Barcelona) (Dar., 1982)
3. L'Ogre du Djébel (
The Djebel Ogre) (Dar., 1986) 


Publishing History

Felina was published in the magazine "Circus" in 1979, then in "Pilote" in 1982. The first two stories were initially published as graphic novels by Glénat. Dargaud then reprinted them, and published the third and last graphic novel.



The Authors

Victor Mora is a Spanish comics writer who created El Capita Trueno in 1956 under the pseudonym of Victor Alcazar. His best-known series is the science fiction saga of Dani Futuro, with the artist Carlos Gimenez. He is also responsible for the following series: Chroniques de l'Innomé (with Luis Garcia), Supernova (with Jose Bielsa), Gigantik (with Cardona), Les Inoxydables (With Antonio Parras), and many more.

Goetzinger is a student of Georges Pichard. Felina was among her first major works in comics. She went on to write and draw a series of realistic graphic novels, such as Rayon Dames and Barcelonight.